Scholarships are awards that give free money to students, who can win them through academic merit or financial need. Scholarships do not have to be paid back (they are not loans), and will never require an application fee. If a scholarship asks for money to process an application or read an essay, it is a scam! For more on scam techniques, click here: Scholarship Scams (PDF)

To start finding scholarships now, create a free account with a scholarship search engine:, or Once you’ve created an account, you’ll complete a profile that matches you with scholarships that fit your academic achievements and financial status.

Students need only pick one of the above sites, as they all perform the same function. Once the site gives you a list of scholarships, plan to fill out one scholarship a month (if you’re a Freshman or Sophomore), or more, depending on your schedule (Junior or Senior). Remember: while applying for more scholarships increases your chances of winning, submitting hurried and unedited essays is a waste of your time.

If you need help navigating these sites, filling out scholarships, or editing your essays, talk to a SAIL mentor, your school counselor, a teacher, or your Career Center administrator.


HS SAIL Scholarship: For SAIL high school seniors who plan to attend the U of O
Due: 30 March 2015
Fill out a short application, write a short essay, and provide proof of Free/ Reduced lunch status or other financial considerations. Send all materials to the SAIL office.

UO SAIL ScholarshipFor SAIL students currently attending the UO
Due: rolling application (accepted any time of year)
Fill out a short application, write a short cover letter, and provide proof of your financial aid award package (usually from Duckweb).

OSAC (Office of Student Access and Completion): One app for 20+ scholarships!
Open: 1 November 2014
Due (early bird): 15 February 2015
Due (final): 1 March 2015 

Students fill out a detailed application, write a few short essays, and choose which scholarships to apply for–out of a pool of 400. Submit materials on the early bird deadline for a chance to win an additional $500! OSAC Scholarship Catalog

Kendall Auto Drive for Education ScholarshipFor high school seniors.
Due: 1- 13 May 2015
Meet the guidelines, complete the application, and you can be chosen to win a $1,000 scholarship (payable to a college of your choice) or a new Toyota vehicle. Twenty $1,000 scholarships and one Toyota are available to be won.

UO General, Multicultural, Deans, Resident scholarships
CAS scholarship link
Departmental Conglomerate list


ASPIRE Scholarship Database
: A database for many scholarships. Includes scholarships for Native American students and Students of Color.
Scholarships A-Z
: A large collection of scholarships for which students may apply.
USHLI Scholarships for Non Citizens: A large collection of scholarships, specifically for non-citizens.
Scholarship Website Resource List: A list of websites to aid in your scholarship search. Includes resources for minorities.
Finding $ for Oregon Students: An informational how-to on paying for college, presented by OSAC.

Local/Civic/School Scholarships: see your ASPIRE Center or school counseling office

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