About SAIL

SAIL is an innovated pipeline program that serves middle and high school students from underrepresented backgrounds, which include lower income and/or first generation college students, with the aim of encouraging students to enroll and succeed in college through early exposure and exploration.

SAIL offers free one-week summer programs on the University of Oregon campus, where students learn about various subjects from distinguished University of Oregon faculty members through fun social and interactive activities. Each summer, returning students choose a new academic subject. SAIL programs include sessions on the college admissions process, scholarship availability, and the financial aid process.

During the school year, SAIL offers mentoring – administered by University of Oregon students – to eligible students in local schools who are navigating the college admissions process.  Mentor Video

What’s Great About SAIL:  SAIL Brochure 

  • Programs are FREE
  • Assortment of Interactive programs
  • Amazing FREE FOOD
  • Great for Resumes, College and Scholarship Applications
  • Connect with University Professors, college students, and new friends
  • Scholarship opportunities

We believe that higher education is a right, not a privilege.

Executive Director and Founder Bios:

Lara Fernandez, Executive Director for SAIL: laraf@uoregon.edu
Lara Fernandez joined the SAIL program in May 2011. She has a Master’s degree in Social Work from the University of Nevada, and received her Bachelor’s degree from the University of Vermont. Lara has an eclectic work background in program development and specializes in programs for teenagers. Her related past employment includes: development and management of a shelter for battered women in Las Vegas, Nevada; working with Aspen Achievement Academy, a youth wilderness program designed for interventions with youth who have criminal backgrounds, in Loa, Utah; creating and directing the City Kids to Wilderness Project in Jackson Hole, Wyoming for low-income, inner-city high school students to discover life in the wilderness and Conference Management for MP Associates, Boulder, CO. Now with three children of her own, Lara is excited to be back into program development, and assisting teenagers with exploring their academic goals through the SAIL program.

Bruce Blonigen
, Co-founder of SAIL:  bruceb@uoregon.edu
Bruce Blonigen is the Philip H. Knight Professor of Social Science, former Head of the Department of Economics, and current Acting Associate Dean for Social Sciences in the College of Arts and Sciences at the University of Oregon. His research and teaching interests are in international economics. He co-founded the SAIL program with Professor Bill Harbaugh in 2005 as a way to give back to the local community and to encourage students from diverse backgrounds to go to college.



Bill Harbaugh, Co-founder of SAIL:  harbaugh@uoregon.edu

Economics Professor; Ph.D., University of Wisconsin, Madison, 1995; neuroeconomics, economic behavior of children, experimental.






Faculty, Staff, Grad Students, and UO Programs


  • Antonio Huertas
  • Luis Renteria
  • Cyrus Nichols
  • David Van Der Haeghn


  • Helen Chu

Center of Translational Neuroscience

  • Shannon Peake

College of Education

  • Lisa Fortin
  • Kathy Moxley-South
  • Surendra Subramani
  • Karrie Walters
  • Angela Durantes

Department of Anthropology

  • Daine Baxter
  • Phil Scher
  • Lynn Stephen

Department of Biology

  • Matt Clark
  • Scott Fischer
  • Peter O’Day
  • Bryan Rebar
  • Nicola Barber

Department of Chemistry

  • Leah O,Brien
  • Kara Nell
  • Lisa Eytel
  • Loni Kringle

Department of Classics

  • Chris Eckerman
  • Mary Jaeger
  • Malcolm Wilson

Department of Computer and Information Science

  • Dan Lowd
  • Steven Fickas

Department of Economics

  • Chris Ellis
  • Bill Harbaugh
  • Van Koplin
  • Jeremy Piger
  • Glen Waddell
  • Anne van den Nouweland
  • Tom Lininger
  • Dan Lowd
  • Bill Blonigen

Department of English

  • Kirby Brown
  • Michael Copperman
  • Stephen Rust
  • Anne Laskaya
  • David Vazquez
  • Sarah Wald
  • Lara Bovilsky
  • Tara Finkle

Department of Environmental Studies

  • Katie Lynch
  • Kathy Lynn
  • Nicolae Morar
  • Josh Roering

Department of Geography

  • Shaul Cohen

Department of German & Scandinavian

  • Sonja Boos
  • Stephanie Chapman
  • Amanda Doxater
  • Steve Golledge
  • Beckie Jones
  • Jeffery Lebrett
  • Helmut Plant
  • Dorothee Ostmeier
  • Alexis Smith
  • Matthais Vogel

Department of History

  • Reuban Zahler

Department of Human Physiology

  • Sierra Dawson
  • Hans Dreyer
  • Andy Karduna
  • Jon Muyskens

Department of International Studies

  • Stephen Wooten

Department of Philosophy

  • Nicolae Morar

Department of Physics

  • Benjamín Aleman
  • Eric Corwin
  • Ben McMorran
  • Raghu Parthasarathy
  • Richard Taylor
  • Tristan Ursell

Department of Psychology

  • Nick Allen
  • Holly Arrow
  • Jagdeep Bala
  • Ted Bell
  • Elliot Berkman
  • Theresa Cheng
  • Caitlin Fausey
  • Brice Kuhl
  • Nicole Dudukovic Kuhl
  • Arian Mobasser
  • Erik Paklulak
  • Jennifer Pfeifer
  • Shannon Peake
  • Jennifer Pfiefer
  • Margaret Sereno

Department of Romance Languages

  • Pedro Garcia-Caro

Department of Sociology

  • Richard York

Financial Aid

  • Holli Johnson
  • Michelle Garibay

Holden Leadership

  • Chris Esparza
  • Eric Boggs

Lundquist College of Business

  • Neil Chinn
  • Michele Henney
  • Whitney Wagnor

Many Nations Longhouse

  • Gordan Bettles
  • Jessica Zapata
  • Marcia Koeing

School of Journalism and Communication

  • Ricardo Valencia
  • Andrew O. McLaughlin
  • Derek Moscato
  • JD Swerzenski
  • Leslie Steeves

School of Law

  • Tom Lininger

School of Music and Dance

  • Eliot Grasso
  • Jacob Walls
  • Brian McWhorter
  • Shannon Mockli
  • Lara Bovilsky
  • Ed Wolf

Yamada Learning Center

  • Pat Ferris
  • Jeff Magato