SAIL will offer virtual programs for high school students, throughout the 2020-2021 school year!

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College Readiness Resources


College Readiness Morning Assembly Slideshow

Slides from all presenters during the week of Virtual SAIL, including information on college admissions, financial aid, scholarships, and more!


SAIL College Budget Calculator

Our very own Lead Staff Josie Thomas’ college budgeting calculator!
Download to your computer or make a copy into your own Google Drive to add your own numbers. We are always here if you need help with the spreadsheet or want to talk about grants and scholarships!


Community Service Slideshow

Slides highlighting community service agencies and opportunities in Lane County. From SAIL 2020 Cultural Event presentation.


Study Abroad Slideshow

Common questions about studying abroad–answered! From SAIL 2020 Cultural Event presentation.


SAIL 2020 YouTube Playlist

Check out the recorded sessions from our summer program. Rewatch your favorites and share with your friends and family!



Virtual SAIL 2020

Continue your SAIL adventures with these faculty presentations made just for SAIL participants!


Becoming a Therapist 

with Dr. Maureen Zalewski Regnier, Associate Professor, UO Department of Psychology

In this video, you will learn about some of what mental health therapists do in their jobs. Then, you will watch a role play of a therapy session and watch for two things the therapist will do: ask open ended questions and provide validation. After watching the role play, we will see if you were able to spot the therapist asking open ended questions and offering validation.  


Meditation, Mindfulness, and Body Awareness 

with Arian Mobasser, PhD, Clare McCann, and Theresa Cheng, UO Department of Psychology

Learn how to practice managing your attention and stress with meditation and mindfulness practices! This session kicks off with a short, beginner-friendly guided meditation. It then explains how mindfulness and body awareness relates to topics like doing well in school, emotions, mental health, and culture. 


Gender, Race, and Beauty Politics 

with Dr. Kemi Balogun, Assistant Professor, UO Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies

This talk examines beauty culture through a sociological lens that considers the connections between gender, race, and nationalism. 


The Visual Universe According to Babies

 with Dr. Caitlin Fausey, Assistant Professor, UO Department of Psychology

Check out the accompanying activity!


Sleep Science & You

with Dr. Melynda Casement, Assistant Professor, UO Department of Psychology


Group Dynamics in High School

with Meghan Siritzky, M.S., Doctoral Student, UO Department of Psychology 


Psychology of the Supernatural

with Zachary Schroeder, Doctoral Student, UO Department of Psychology 

This elective explores a few everyday psychological processes and how they may be responsible for many of the mysterious experiences people label as ‘supernatural’. How does our inability to act out our dreams lead us to believe that we’ve been abducted by aliens? What makes a Ouija board work?  Join us for a light-hearted exploration of the psychology of weird beliefs. 


There’s No Such Thing as a “Natural” Disaster

with Dr. Matthew Norton, Associate Professor, UO Department of Sociology
While a lot of our attention focuses on the “natural” part of natural disasters, the impacts of these events depend on the human social systems that they hit. By looking at the way that the social side of a natural disaster shapes its impacts – including the ways that its impacts might be unequally shared – we can start to develop an appreciation of the sociological imagination as a powerful way to analyze and understand the social world.


Emotions and How They Can Help Us

with Dr. Kate Mills, Assistant Professor, UO Department of Psychology 


Streets as Spaces: Site Visit Tutorial

with Clare Haley, Graduate Student, Community and Regional Planning, UO School of Planning, Public Policy, and Management

What happens when you think of a street as a place rather than a way to move cars around? Check out this activity to learn more about exploring streets near and far.


SAIL ON: How to Practice

with Brian McWhorter, Associate Professor of Music, UO School of Music and Dance 

Great tips on practicing musical instruments for SAIL OrchestraNext students or any musician!





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