Planning for College

It’s A Plan: College ChecklistsFrom middle school through senior year, checklists to help you prepare and pay for college. Information for parents, too!

BigFuture: A great all-in-one site to make a free, personalized college plan whether you’re in middle school or a senior in high school. Find the best college fit for you, explore careers and related majors, and learn how to pay for it.

I’m First: Advice and information from students who are the first in their family to go to college, as well as professionals from colleges and universities.

KnowHow2Go: Learn the four steps to college and access additional resources including a virtual college tour.

Opportunities Workbook: A free downloadable workbook that helps high school students choose the right college, understand admission requirements, identify types of financial aid and more.

Zombie College: Learn about what it takes to prepare for college with this online, interactive game.