University of Oregon Faculty

SAIL could not exist without our outstanding UO faculty, who volunteer their time to run our week-long academic camps; our student staff counselors, who coordinate the logistics and work with faculty and students to keep the camps running smoothly; or our community affiliates, who support the camps with their time and/ or resources.

UO Faculty

  • Admissions Office
  • Anthropology
  • Biology
  • Business School
  • CATO
  • Classics
  • Center for Multicultural Academic Excellence
  • Deans office in College of Arts and Sciences
  • Office of Diversity and Equity
  • Economics
  • Education
  • English
  • Family and Human Services
  • Finance
  • Financial Aid Office
  • German/Scandinavian Department
  • History
  • Holden Learning Center
  • Human Physiology
  • International Studies
  • Johnson Hall
  • Journalism Dept.
  • Many Nations Long House
  • Music
  • Pathways Program
  • Performing Arts
  • Psychology
  • Physics
  • Stemcore
  • Trio Program
  • Yamada Learning Center


Antonio Huerta
Luis Renteria


Diane Baxter
Phil Scher


Matt Clark
Scott Fischer
Peter O’Day
Bryan Rebar


Neil Chinn
Michele Henney

Whitney Wagnor


Helen Chu


Chris Eckerman
Mary Jaeger


Chris Ellis
Eliot Grasso
Bill Harbaugh
Van Koplin
Tom Lininger
Dan Lowd
Jeremy Piger
Glen Waddell
Anne van den Nouweland


Lisa Fortin
Kathy Moxley
Surendra Subramani
Karrie Walters


Kirby Brown
Michael Copperman
Tara Finkle
Stephen Rust
Anne Laskaya
David Vazquez

Environmental Studies

Katie Lynch
Kathy Lynn
Nicolae Morar
Sarah Wald

Financial Aid

Holli Johnson


Reuban Zahler

Human Physiology

Sierra Dawson
Andy Karduna

International Studies

Stephen Wooten


Ricardo Valencia
Derek Moscato
JD Swerzenski

Many Nations Longhouse

Gordan Bettles
Jessica Zapata
Marcia Koeing


Eliot Grasso
Jacob Walls

Performing Arts

Lara Bolvilsky
Brian McWhorter
Shannon Mockli


Nick Allen
Holly Arrow
Jagdeep Bala
Elliot Berkman
Paul Dassonville
Caitlyn Fausey
Brice Kuhl
Nicole Kuhl
Shannon Peake
Jennifer Pfiefer


Ben Aleman
Eric Corwin
Ben McMorran
Raghu Parathasarathy
Richard Taylor
Tristan Ursell

Yamada Learning Center

Pat Ferris
Jeff Magato



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